Come Meet Your Neighbors at the Grant County Fair!  

Fair Address:

Grant County Fair

P.O.Box 186, 605 Vienna Ave

Herman, MN 56248


Our 2019 Fall Fundraiser!

Dueling Guitars 

Harvest Fundraiser

Due to bad weather in the cities, where the musicians were coming from, and the expected bad weather here, the Dueling Guitars has been cancelled. 

4 Big Days!


AgBash 2020 is coming fast! Keep March 28th open for a night of fun!

Winners from the Raffle Conducted for the Dueling Guitar event are: Grand Prize-Greg Sperr, Second Prize-Pete Dingman, other winners- Dean Christianson, Cara Nachbor, Anne O'Flynn, Kelly Gerber, Ann Vipond, David Larson, Dwight Walvatne, Kathy Busenga. Congratulations to all the winners!AvenirLight is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for 

It was the 125th Grant County Fair in 2019!

We now have new bathrooms and need to pay for them now. Please consider a donation by clicking on the GoFundMe Page Below:

This was our 2019 Grant County Fair Lineup!